The Farm

Filston Farm is a mixed farm in Kent, farming around 400 hectares, on which wheat, oats, peas, oilseed rape and grass are grown, as well as pasture for sheep, cows, alpacas and horses.

Drott for levelling tracks and some fencing

Willow trees -

grown for Cricket bats

Freda enjoying lunch

Various livestock and staff

Suckler Cows and Beef Stores

Hereford x Friesian bought in to hand rear

Rojo is still a cow on the farm in 2020

Freda - orphaned calf

Still on farm 2022 as a cow

Freda - 2019 - escaped to calve...

Relaxing with the animals

Winter Stores 2019 with Auntie Freda

Badger Faced Welsh Mountain flock


Freda and Charlie - June 2020

Badger x Zwartbles lambs

Taz - the Ram

Zwartbles Flock

Pure Badger Faced

Parsley and Pan Spring 2020

Herdwick flock

2020 ewe lambs

Second group arriving 

Mole hill flattening

Staff seating for break time!

Weetabix Straw Art Competition


Building jumps for Pony Club Camp