The Pets

Sydney - Panda's son born 2015

Leyla, Biscuit and new born Panda

Panda - Inka and Leyla's daughter


German Shepherd

Tarn shepherding her bottle lambs

Frindle -

Springer x German Wirehaired Pointer

Pantalaimon - Pan - JackRocker

born 2017

Ness - Springer Pointer 

Sauce - Irish family member - born 2019

Daisy the black and white mother cat


Daisy with her kittens

Sheep and ducks and geese never worry

Previous Pets

No longer play on the farm....

Skye                                          Whizz

Rusty                                        Gromit

Whiskey and Soda

Sheepie - Original name! 

Born 2007 and still on farm 2019

Inka the Alpaca male

Cookie the Cat - taking the sun with the goat in style 

Pygmy Goats -

left farm to have kids in Surrey

Biscuit - died 2020

Bad Pig ate Jubilee Tea

Picnic for the Badgers in the garden